Analytical Technician

Position Description


Lindy Biosciences is seeking an analytical technician to contribute to our R&D programs for cutting edge biologics delivery. This role will be responsible for the analysis and interpretation of internal and external samples and will play a crucial role in the development of our technology and the growth of our intellectual property portfolio.

This person will interact with all personnel at Lindy Biosciences and an eagerness and willingness to discuss, collaborate, innovate, and learn will be essential to the success of this role.

Primary activities will include chemical and physical properties analysis of therapeutic proteins, monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies, and complex mixtures of biologics in solutions, suspensions and various dispersions. 

Testing may include a broad range of chromatographic and chemical techniques (GC, HPLC, KF), spectroscopic techniques (UV, IR, Raman), thermal techniques (DSC, TGA), physical techniques (PSA, SEM, Microscopy, Rheology, RI) and activity assays.

Hands-on experience is not required for all of these techniques, but awareness of these techniques will be helpful.


The Analytical Technician will be trained in the manufacture of small and large-scale batches of Microglassified™ particles and will assist in formulation development of said particles.


Position Requirements


Desired Applicant Experience

  • Degree in a relevant physical/biologic scientific field (e.g., Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Pharmaceutical Sciences, etc.)

  • 0-2 years experience

  • Understanding of basic laboratory techniques, attention to detail, ability to manage multiple priorities, and strong communication skills

  • Experience with method development, data review and analysis, protocol and report writing

  • Experience with protein analytical methods (e.g., HPLC-SEC)


Preferred Applicant Experience

  • Experience with biologic drug substances

  • Experience with dispersed dosage forms


How to Apply

Please send a resume and cover letter to

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