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Simpler Drug Delivery
Empowering Patients

A Partner Who Delivers

Chronic illness can be debilitating, but it is not the end. At Lindy, we strive to improve patient comfort by allowing medication to be administered in the comfort of your own home.

Biotherapeutic Drug Delivery Technology
Lindy is Developing Patient-centric Biotherapeutic Drug Delivery Technology

Over half of all antibody therapeutics are given in acute care settings through inconvenient intravenous infusions.  Lindy is committed to improving this process through biotherapeutics formulations that give patients the option to administer medication at home.

Innovative Drug Formulation Technology
Innovative Drug Formulation Technology

Our revolutionary Microglassification™ technology returns control to patients for self-administration of medications and allows better therapies to hit the market.

Build The Future With Us
Build The Future With Us

Lindy Biosciences is currently seeking collaborative opportunities with industry partners who are developing biotherapeutic drug products. Partner with us and utilize our proprietary Microglassification platform technologies in support of your drug delivery product development aims.

Make an Impact with Lindy Biosciences
Join Our Team

If you’re interested in making an impact in the biotherapeutics drug delivery industry and Patients quality of life, come join our multidisciplinary team. Help build your career and pursue innovation with purpose at Lindy Biosciences.

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